I find animation an amazingly fulfilling way to express myself! In the animations above, the concepts range from political and social commentary to my favorite topic of all — Aging baby boomer parodies.I grew up watching the Flintstones and Jetsons, reading Mad magazine and doodling in my math books. I have always had an ability to do funny sound effects, carry a tune and synthesize complex issues into a few short punch lines.

Animation offers me a way to bring all of these crazy skills together! My animations take about an hour-a-second to create. So a 60-second animation takes roughly 60 hours! All of the art is hand drawn, scanned into my computer, colored, cut apart then put back together in the Flash animation program. All of the voices are mine, including the women’s voices created in a special sound program. The singing and harmony is mine as well. It takes several days and a lot of sore vocal chords to create the sound files for these animations — then the hard work really begins.

All of the individual pieces of art and the sound files are imported into Flash and the movement and lips syncing begins. This is a slow and arduous process but it is the very core of the work.When a finished animation looks simple and lively and effortless — It is pure magic to me! Many of my animations have gotten millions of hits on the Internet. And the thousands of comments I have been fortunate enough to receive are a reminder of just how popular animation remains today.I am so grateful for the opportunity to bring a smile to people’s faces and appreciate their enthusiasm!

To view any of my animations simply click on any of the icons above!

Enjoy— Walt Handelsman