2014 Saints Dream

Bayou Bobby Jindal

Here’s the latest animation from Advocate cartoonist and animator Walt Handelsman. In Walt’s new song-parody animation, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal tries to sing and dance his way to the White House.

Money in Politics

Tax Day!

Mardi Gras 2014

The NSA Family

Aging Baby Boomers

The Woodstock generation begins receiving Social Security in this classic, “Born to be Wild” parody! From knee replacements and tummy tucks to acid reflux and Viagra— Growing old has never been so funny!

Campaigning for Dummies

Anybody can run for elected office if they just follow these simple steps. In this biting satire of the American political process, negative campaigning is the fastest way to a positive outcome.

Worst Slide Story

In this epic parody of West Side Story, the entire global financial collapse is examined in show tunes. It may be better to laugh than to cry but watching this animation might make you do both! “When you’re in debt, you’re in debt all the way…”

Toxic Toys

When boatloads of tainted toys arrive in U.S. stores during the holiday shopping season, what should parents do? The smart answer involves HAZMAT suits, socks — and a song!